Restaurant Metzg     Seefeldstrasse 159     8008 Zürich     Tel 044 422 47 13
  Fish and Seafood    
  with avocados pear and pink pepper 24.50  
  As a main course 39.50  
  Filet of sea    
  bass in a spinach-bed with Spanish serrano ham 39.50  
  Sepia a la Plancha    
  Sepia (cuttle-fish) with garlic butter 19.00  
  As a main course 29.00  
  Gambas al Ajillo    
  Shrimps with garlic 26.00  
  As a main course 38.00  
  Arroz a la Valenciana, Paella    
  Dish of rice with seafood, mussels and chicken, to be ordered in advance P.P. 45.00  
Starters Fish and Seafood Meat Wine Dessert